Sunday, January 5, 2014

Where Has the Time Gone

I apologize for my absence. Life has been extremely busy and so rewarding at the end of 2013 and for the beginning half of the school year. 2013 brought lots of ups and downs for my family, but all in all I am thankful for all we were blessed to experience. 

Since my last sorry for the lengthy gap...things have been crazy. But a good crazy. I was honored in being name Teacher of the Year for my school. I then went on to also be given the title at the county wide level. Never in a million years would I have seen myself receiving such a prestigious honor only 6 years into my career. I am truly blessed and still, honestly, in shock and awe of this honor.  I absolutely love teaching and can't wait to see what 2014 has to hold. 

I don't know if you have ever visited, but I highly recommend you visit this site. With the generosity of donors on this site I have been able to provide materials for my students I would not have otherwise been able to afford. If you would like any insight to using this site or tips please message me. I am more than happy to help you get started in this new adventure. 

I am currently on my last few hours of winter holidays before starting back to work. I look forward to heading back and getting in the swing of things. I truly enjoy the maturity that the last half of the year brings to students. It is amazing to see the growth and change that takes place over a year in school. There is still so much to learn, so much to be done, and so little time to make it all happen. Bring it on! 

I hope that you and yours have had a most amazing holiday season and a Merry Christmas. I leave you by asking that you consider visiting my TPT store and helping me to spread the word about my products. Any help is very appreciated. Click on the picture below to link or use the tab in the right hand side of my blog. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pizza Portfolios...Freebie and Giveaway!!

All summer I was so excited about the prospect of doing Pizza Box Portfolios in writing this year.  A few weeks before school my plans were altered.  I sent my computer to be worked on, a screen issue, and received it back with NO MEMORY!!!! I cried. 

Okay, so skip forward. I lost all and am creating new. I went to Dominos and they gracious gave me 20 pizza boxes. :) Happy Day! 
This is our Writing Delivery Station. My kids love the days they get to deliver writing pieces to their portfolio.

They did such a good job decorating and preparing their Portfolios.

Now, back to the computer stuff. Well I had to start from scratch, after losing a 50 page document for my Pizza Box Portfolios. You may remember seeing pieces of it in a previous post. Well it is long gone. So I created a more concise and Common Core focused product, 30 pages, to use instead. I love it so far. My kids are having a wonderful time using the writing organizers and we are currently in the process of learning how to self assess with my student rubrics. We use our Writing Spectrum to help with our Student Self Assessment Rubric.

LOVE THIS!! So glad I finally got this together and am putting into work in the classroom. Here is a freebie from my soon to be posted TPT product.

To celebrate a successful start I am giving away a free copy of the entire TPT product to one lucky person. To enter you must follow my blog, and post a comment letting me know your favorite writing assignment for your students. I will choose a winner on Wednesday September 18th, 2013. ENJOY and God Bless.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Kindness of a Stranger

I have so much enjoyed the beginning of this school year. My students are wonderful, and we are off to a great start. I spent some time this summer surfing the web and looking for ways to get great products for my classroom at reasonable prices. I stumbled across Donors Choose and took a leap. I wrote up and got funded a project that materials were just sent to us from. My students now have 5 brand new portable CD players for reading center. We also have 4 audio recorders for recording our student authored work and recording our favorite books onto audio. I AM SO EXCITED!!!, and I must say so are my kiddos.  My students are phenomanal.  They saw our new toys and were so exstatic. They asked me "how could we pay those people back?". Precious. 

Writing "Thank you" notes.
So happy to have new tools for reading.


I am so amazed with each new day I am blessed to work with these children. They are more than I could have ever asked for. So Blessed.

We also received an unexpected blessing just this week. Mrs. Thompson, a sweet lady who found me through sent a gift package to my students. Their sweet faces were priceless.  We have already been blessed beyond measure this year. I cannot fathom what is to come with this phenomenal group of children.

Love my job!!!! So glad I have been called to be an educator and to impact the lives of children.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life is full of lessons...

This summer has been one for the books. I keep thinking about posting, but since I don't have anything school related I have used that as a reason to keep away. I know, terrible right?!? I felt like my blog should simply be school related and involve lessons learned. Life teaches us so much and as of lately I have been forced to sit back and learn. So sit back, and brace yourself for the whirlwind of lessons I have faced.

My summer has consisted of, in short, unexpected spending, a broken vehicle, buying a new vehicle, wrecking new vehicle, being robbed, another broken vehicle, hospital visits, very sick grandparents, cutting cancerous people from our life, and so much more. 
Sounds crazy, right?! Well it has been. It has been difficult, and at times dark and lonely. Through it all I praise God that he has, proven true friends, provided financially, been a safe house, and repeatedly allowed my marriage to my wonderful husband to grow. 

I look forward to posting about school with the year starting soon, but as this summer has reminded me, education comes in so many avenues, shapes, sizes and displays. I count myself blessed that as an educator God has granted me the ability to be reflective. I count it a blessing that God chooses to refine my life and the lives of those I love, because of his never failing love for us. Learning is a daily event and I am proud to say that this summer lessons have been learned and progress has been made. 

I am glad to have shared this part of my life with you and look forward to stretching this blog to include all of the lessons I encounter, that are share worthy. Both life and school related, because as an educator lessons are my life. God bless and happy preparations for school.

Thanks Rose for mentioning my blog, and reminding me that people care about my life's happenings and that my blog is important to you! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Currently...a little Late

So I feel bad that I have been MIA on the blogger here lately. Life was crazy busy and is about to be much the same again. So excited to find the Currently June, glad I didn't miss out. 
Click the link below to join in the fun and see what others are up to this month. 

Okay so let me begin... I just noticed that my 3 VACA items didn't post, but don't fret they are below.

Listening- Reba... I enjoy this show and think that it is just a fun relaxing show to watch. I love Reba as an actress and singer.

Loving- My sweet Husband... He is such a hard worker and makes sure we have everything we want and need.

Thinking- I need to clean my house....enough said LOL

Wanting- Spaghetti... I think it is going to be on the menu for tonight. My husband just left work and he will love it.

Needing- Vacation... We are scheduled to have a great vacation at June's end. CAN'T WAIT!!!

3 Vaca Must- Husband :) He is amazing and let us plan a trip to CANCUN!!!!
Sunscreen, so my ghostly skin doesn't turn lobster
Passports, because we are flying to CANCUN!!!! 

OMG. I am so excited. 
Hope your summer is full of tons of fun. Can't wait to see what everyone is up to. 
God Bless

Monday, June 10, 2013

Donor's Choose

Dear Amazing Blogger Friends,
    I have created a project with to help my students receive so much needed technology to improve their reading development.  With your help we can spread the word to possibly get this project funded. This site is an amazing way for teachers to get much needed items to ensure the greatest education possible for their students. 
I ask that you will consider taking a peak at my project, to see if you would be willing to help us out, or if you know someone who can help. All donations are tax deductible. 

For the next 7 days all donations, regardless of size, will be matched $ for $.  All you have to do is use the code INSPIRE.  

If you click the link below it will take you to our project so that you can see first hand what your donation could help us purchase. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.  

I would really appreciate all the help I can get, to get the word out about this project. I thank you in advance for you help. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy...and a GIVEAWAY!

I don't know about you, but the past month has been busier than the entire last year. School drawing to an end, things at home, and life are just a hodgepodge of crazy this time of year. I apologize for my absence, I know you understand. Just a few updates. I am working on some new products for my TPT and TN stores. I have a series of Robert Munsch book studies, two have rolled out and others are on the way. My Pizza Box Portfolios will be a work posted by summers end. I am so excited to finally have time to work this out.

The end of the school year brought about lots of change for our school, but with change comes greatness, so I say bring it on! I will remain in 2nd grade and I am so excited to see what this coming year will bring. I have so many ideas...I just hope there is time to bring them into reality before the school year arrives.

Again, I apologize for my absence and this tiny post, but fear not. I will do better and hopefully have some great finds to share with you ASAP!!!

On another note. I am so thrilled to be a part of Sara's Blogiversary. You can click the button below to link in for your chance at so many wonderful prizes by amazing teacher authors. Check back daily, she is having a blast with this amazing Giveaway!

God Bless