Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My favorite classroom tool

I wanted to share with you my current favorite classroom tool. Steps To Success. I began using this for behavior management at the beginning of the school year.  Over the summer I began thinking of the many ways I have charted behavior throughout my teaching career.  Most of which allowed students the opportunity to move a clip or card when they had misbehaved.  I decided that a change was necessary and the wheels began to spin.  I developed this tool in hopes of giving students a more positive spin on behavior.  I also wanted to create something that would cause my students to be more responsible for their actions and behavior throughout the day.  

    *I will add pictures soon to show this product in action.*

You can find this tool at my TPT store, it its titled Steps to Success or by clicking here. Simply it is a tool that allows me to praise the good behavior, work, and manners of my students.  I will at random moments throughout the day ask students to "take a step" for positive behaviors.  As they take a step their whole demeanor changes.  They begin to stand a little taller and smile a little more.  This rubs off on others and soon, multiple students are being praised.  I LOVE IT!  At the end of each day we graph our progress. This graph is also in my TPT product.  This gives my students a sense of responsibility as they are required to chart where they have made it behaviorally and why.  At the end of the week we reflect and self assess, before I check and send them home to parents.  This new tool has by far been my favorite for classroom management.  It has been very useful and highly successful this year.  (please note I have a group of very behaviorally needy students this year) Please do not be afraid to try this regardless of your behavioral makeup!  ENJOY. 

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