Sunday, March 3, 2013

Math Journals..... Common Core Progress

This year has been a journey.  Learning the ways of the Common Core and having to develop our own curriculum and tools in math has been interesting and exciting.  It has kept me on my toes, has broadened, and developed me as an educator, and for that I am grateful.  One thing that I have used over the years, but never quite like this year is journaling.  This year our 2nd grade team has implemented Math Journals into our daily routine.  

My students have come to enjoy math journaling. They expect it daily and know what I expect to see out of them.  Here you see two of my students mid-journal.  Each day they write the date, standard, and an "I can" statement to match the concept and wording of the standard.  I make sure to reword each standard in a manner they can remember and understand.

I am so proud of how my students have taken to this standard based way of learning.  They get so excited and jump at the chance to be the student who reminds us of our standard code and the "I can" statement.  

Often times my students take notes or journal their learning after our full group lesson. The photos above show anchor charts that were shrunk, copied, cut and pasted into their journals. These wonderful charts can be found here. These particular charts were on coins. Each day a new coin was added.  We read books, watched BrainpopJr. videos, discussed then made a journal entry.

I know you can't see it clearly, but around each anchor chart students were asked to write 3 things they learned about that particular coin.  They came up with wonderful facts.  I am "one proud mamma/teacher". 

I know that journaling or implementing something new that you are unfamiliar with can be difficult.  I have found that as long as I remain consistent and make it something that the students will both enjoy and understand, great learning takes place.  As a 2nd grade we have used many ideas to improve our math journals.  There are numerous TPT products out there that provide journal entries for day to day use. We have used some of these and liked them. I have found though, that teaching my students to take notes and journal what they have learned has been much more beneficial.  

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Please keep checking back for more adventures in my journey as an educator. 

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