Friday, March 1, 2013

Steps To Success / FREEBIE

In my last post I shared my favorite classroom tool of this year.  Steps to Success is the behavior management system I created to use in my classroom. I wanted to let you see what this product looks like in action.

When my students arrive each morning their steps are located at the bottom of the board.  They come in so excited at the chance of taking a "step" and earning their way through the word SUCCESS.

Throughout the day as I catch my students "doing good", whether behavior, manner, or whatever else, I ask them to "take a step". They immediately go to the board and move their footprint to the next letter.  Occasionally I will ask them to take two steps if they are being exceptionally good.  When a student has a difficult time they "owe" me a step.  The step is given to me until they earn it back, in which case it returns to the first S.  They then begin "successful" behavior to advance their steps.

This is a view of what the board looks like about halfway through the day.

 At the end of each day my students fill in their behavior graph.  They are responsible for coloring to show me how "Successful" they were.  If they had to "owe" me a step my students are responsible for writing a sentence to explain why their graph has no colored spaces for the day.  They also circle a face each day for self evaluation.  On Fridays they fill in the Self evaluation short answers, before letting me review their final "Steps to Success" report. I then sign and send them home in their folders.

I absolutely love this classroom management system and I hope you find it useful.

You can grab this FREEBIE by clicking here or by visiting my TPT store.  There is a link to my store in the side bar of this blog.  HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!   God bless you and yours on this wonderful weekend.

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