Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The "View Master"...

  Last year I was privaleged enough to receive a View Master from a colleague with multiple slides.
I love these...They were a big deal when I was younger.  
I got the idea, after receiving this wonderful surprise, to use it to reinforce adjectives. We just began work on adjectives again, for like the hundredth time, this year.  I recalled the fun and excitement this tool brought to learning and decided it was time again to bring them back. They never fail me!
I began letting one student at a time be the "View Master".

They would choose a slide and look at it.  Their job was to use adjectives and describe what they were viewing.  They were never allowed to tell us exactly what they were looking at. 

All other students made inferences, based on the adjectives and descriptions given.  
They had a blast. 
We even had another teacher want to join the fun!

 My students have been enthralled with them.  This time I took it a step further.  I created a craft to allow my students the opportunity to build their own View Master tool.  
This is one of the finished products

To the left is the "reel" or "slide" that you would put in a View Master.  Students wrote their noun in the center and then filled each block with an adjective. It was then attached to their View Master with a brad so that the slide spins and adjectives can be read.

My students worked very hard on these.  They turned out fabulous. We had such a blast that I wanted to share them with you. Be on the lookout.  I am creating a TPT product that includes the use of the View Master.  I hope that you enjoy it and that your students love it as much as mine did.

How do you teach adjectives? What is your favorite tool for reinforcing parts of speech? How do you spark the students' interest and creativity? 
I would love to hear your ideas.
*God Bless*    


  1. It's cool to know you've found a fitting purpose for this old toy. How was their learning speed? I believe this would be an effective educational tool. It always work to incorporate a little fun when teaching. Great job!

    1. My students absolutely love using them. They caught on very quickly and did an excellent job describing. I have been on the look out for more slides and viewers for the upcoming year. So excited.