Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CRCT... and them some

This year I have the pleasure of giving the CRCT to a small group starting on Friday.  I have given the test before, but since being in 1st and 2nd grade I have been free from it.  I am excited and am finding myself more nervous than maybe the kids will be.  I know everything is scripted, but test security makes me SOOO nervous.  Am I alone?

On another note I just have to say I am so blessed to have wonderful students.  My walls in our classroom are shared with rooms that are testing.  We are having to remain almost silent until we leave for lunch. 

What can I say... my students are absolutely amazing.  They have taken to this amazingly and I am so thankful.  Did I mention, we even walked all the way through the school to get to a quiet free zone for a bathroom break.  They were so quiet that no one even knew we left the room. :) I am one proud "mama-teacher". 

Super excited about the next few weeks and what we will be working on in class.  I am going to do a Hershey flip book with my kiddos, while we are learning fractions. THEY HAVE NO IDEA!!!! I can't wait to surprise them with this activity, snack, and wonderful book.  

I will post pictures of our flip book soon.  I will also try to post the template for it, once I create it. 

Tons of prayers and best blessings to everyone as they are testing.  

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