Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Art of Symmetry

For the past week or more we have been working on plain shape geometry.  My students have been learning about the names and attributes of shapes.  They have been working very hard to learn and understand symmetry, congruence, similarities, slides, flips and turns.  WOW! Each time we work on geometry I am reminded to never assume that students should already know their shapes.  This week has brought the end of this portion of geometry, and with copiers being on the fritz we have had to be very creative with learning and independent practice.  Today was our test, but yesterday was when the magic happened.  We spent our math block practicing "The Art of Symmetry", and indulging in "Yummy Attributes".

Symmetry has been difficult for some of my students, but watching their faces as we worked on this art project made it worth while.  Students created a design and then practiced the art of symmetry by folding and rubbing their paintings.  This created some wonderful pieces of art that they truly enjoyed. 

A second group, during math, worked on "Yummy Attributes".  My co-teacher worked with them, helping them build shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks. They did so well and enjoyed a sweet snack. 

Our test was today, and I could have cut a cartwheel.  The lowest grade was an 83!!!!  This may not seem like much to you, but having the inclusion class and so many different learning levels, this was amazing.  Every student, even the ones that struggle most, did wonderful on their test. 

This is a link to my TPT product. Sorry the pic is small. Visit my store to have a better view.

I created their test based on the Common Core standard 2.G.1.  I have placed a copy of it in my TPT store.  It is a very thorough assessment and requires students to not only recognize and bubble in their answers, they mush put into words what they know, through several question/resposes.  I hope you will take time to visit my store and hopefully you will find something useful.  I have enjoyed creating our 2nd grade assessments this year, and wanted to share them with others.  Also, be on the lookout for other Geometry assessments, including 3-D shapes and fractions of shapes. 

I hope this entry has been helpful to you in some way. 

What ideas do you use or have you found for reinforcing geometry with your students? 
I would love to hear about your successes and maybe even what you have decided just does not work.  Thanks!

*God Bless*


  1. What a great idea, using the marshmallows!!! Too cute!

  2. Thanks! Found the idea online. My kids absolutely loved that.