Friday, April 19, 2013

View Master Adjectives: Take 2

Wow! This week has been so long.... and busy. I feel like I have been going nonstop.  In the wake of all the craziness I was totally unable to update my blog, so here I finally am.  I made a post previously showing how View Master tools have become one of my new favorite items in the classroom.  I hope you were able to read all about it.  If not click here to check it out. 

In that post I mentioned that I had been working on a TPT product to accompany my activity. Well....I finally finished and it is posted and ready for some love on TPT.  You can follow this link to get your copy today. 
I hope you enjoy this product and have tons of fun letting the creativity fly.

On another note... where has this year gone?!?!!?! I cannot believe that in 5-6 short weeks it will all be a memory and my mind will begin racing with visions of next year.  I am so excited to continue working on my Pizza Portfolios over the summer.  I really need to start writing down all the ideas that keep bombarding my brain.  I feel I am swimming in ideas and anticipation for the year to come.  I love this time of year and reflecting on what the current year has produced.  Reflecting gives me greater insight to the following year and so much excitement for what will come.

 What big ideas do you have in store for next year? Any big changes headed your way, or are things going to stay the same?  I would love to hear all about it.  

God Bless and enjoy your weekend. 

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