Thursday, June 20, 2013

Currently...a little Late

So I feel bad that I have been MIA on the blogger here lately. Life was crazy busy and is about to be much the same again. So excited to find the Currently June, glad I didn't miss out. 
Click the link below to join in the fun and see what others are up to this month. 

Okay so let me begin... I just noticed that my 3 VACA items didn't post, but don't fret they are below.

Listening- Reba... I enjoy this show and think that it is just a fun relaxing show to watch. I love Reba as an actress and singer.

Loving- My sweet Husband... He is such a hard worker and makes sure we have everything we want and need.

Thinking- I need to clean my house....enough said LOL

Wanting- Spaghetti... I think it is going to be on the menu for tonight. My husband just left work and he will love it.

Needing- Vacation... We are scheduled to have a great vacation at June's end. CAN'T WAIT!!!

3 Vaca Must- Husband :) He is amazing and let us plan a trip to CANCUN!!!!
Sunscreen, so my ghostly skin doesn't turn lobster
Passports, because we are flying to CANCUN!!!! 

OMG. I am so excited. 
Hope your summer is full of tons of fun. Can't wait to see what everyone is up to. 
God Bless


  1. I liked how your comments were short and sweet. Mine were a little longer. I just started Currently last month, and this month is almost over. I just posted mine at Sprinklelicious. You will love Cancun. That's were my husband and I went for our honeymoon. I recommend snorkeling. We had a lot of fun. The water is so blue. You will just love it, but it will be HOT, HOT, HOT! :)

    1. I am so excited! I hope you enjoy your summer

  2. Don't worry you are not the only one late on the Currently. A vacation sounds so nice especially Cancun. I hope you enjoy it!!