Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life is full of lessons...

This summer has been one for the books. I keep thinking about posting, but since I don't have anything school related I have used that as a reason to keep away. I know, terrible right?!? I felt like my blog should simply be school related and involve lessons learned. Life teaches us so much and as of lately I have been forced to sit back and learn. So sit back, and brace yourself for the whirlwind of lessons I have faced.

My summer has consisted of, in short, unexpected spending, a broken vehicle, buying a new vehicle, wrecking new vehicle, being robbed, another broken vehicle, hospital visits, very sick grandparents, cutting cancerous people from our life, and so much more. 
Sounds crazy, right?! Well it has been. It has been difficult, and at times dark and lonely. Through it all I praise God that he has, proven true friends, provided financially, been a safe house, and repeatedly allowed my marriage to my wonderful husband to grow. 

I look forward to posting about school with the year starting soon, but as this summer has reminded me, education comes in so many avenues, shapes, sizes and displays. I count myself blessed that as an educator God has granted me the ability to be reflective. I count it a blessing that God chooses to refine my life and the lives of those I love, because of his never failing love for us. Learning is a daily event and I am proud to say that this summer lessons have been learned and progress has been made. 

I am glad to have shared this part of my life with you and look forward to stretching this blog to include all of the lessons I encounter, that are share worthy. Both life and school related, because as an educator lessons are my life. God bless and happy preparations for school.

Thanks Rose for mentioning my blog, and reminding me that people care about my life's happenings and that my blog is important to you! 

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