Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Google in the Classroom: Part 2

I am getting excited and a little nervous about my presentation this summer. I will have the opportunity to present at Google Camp through our Pioneer RESA. My presentation is on using Google Slides in the elementary classroom. In my last post I shared with you the process by which I introduced my students to Google Slides, and our first official project.

 Google is now a staple in our classroom. One of my favorite things I have done using Google in our classroom is what we call "Twitter Worthy Moments". Throughout the school year my students know I am constantly taking pictures and posting them to social media to share what our class is up to. (Visit our Twitter @mrsLahayne2nd) For this project I decided to put the reigns in my students' hands. To pass the torch, and guide them in celebrating the successes of others. My students watch their peers throughout the day, and when they notice someone being an AllSTAR, or demonstrating outstanding learning they quietly come to me and let me know they see a "Twitter moment". At that I say "you know what to do". That student then becomes the photographer (using my teacher iPad) and takes a picture of the moment they observed. Then they return to whatever we are doing in class. 

This took some training. I guided them through discussion about what a "Twitter Worthy Moment" looks like, and sounds like. We also used Brainpopjr. and watched a video on taking photos. This helped guide my students to truly capture the moment they saw. 

When I have a free moment I add the photo to my Google drive so that I can quickly add it to a Google slide. I share the slide with the student who took the photo, and the rest is in that student's hands. They explain, write, and create a slide celebrating the moment they captured. When they think they are done they let me know and we have a conference. During this conference I am able to guide that student in personal learning. Conventions. Writers Voice. And SOOOOO much more. This has become such an awesome tool for not only celebrating but LEARNING! 

My school library assistant is AMAZING! Each time a slide is fully completed...that means we have conferenced, and they are done...I share them with her and she prints them in color for us. I then laminate them and am building a book of amazing moments that my students have captured and celebrated. 

My class has LOVED creating "Twitter" moments, and I look forward to what the future holds for this in my classroom in years to come. Do you have a special activity that allows students to celebrate the accomplishments of others? Please leave a comment and share your story! Learning from and sharing with other educators is something that education needs more of. 

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