Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Mathket-ball is a game I've played for years! Long description short, you review any subject and allow teams to shoot at a hoop with some sort of ball to earn points. 

Today we stepped it up a notch! 
Let me begin by letting you know I have had my eye on a Mini professional basketball hoop for a while...I now own it! In the past I have just used a plush basketball I got from the dollar store.

 I stayed late a little yesterday to make some posters to set up for our game. I included rules that I felt were important for my 2nd babies, and created a basic run down for the game. 

I also changed the background on my laptop so that the activeboard became the basketball court!! THEY LOVED IT!

As for the game, I spent time the past week or so developing a document that had several questions for each Georgia Standard of Excellence in 2nd grade math. I printed, cut, know how that goes. I figured better make something that can last for a while. I also stopped at the local Dollar general and got some super cute popcorn cups to sort my cards for the game. 

The premise of this game came from another game "grudge ball". Not sure if you've heard of it. I had not, but found it intriguing. Students work in small groups to show their knowledge. In return for correct answers teams are given the opportunity to erase a point from any other team. They are also allowed to send a player to the line to shoot for extra points. 


After playing today I know that there are things that need to be addressed. Number one...figuring out the pace depends on your group of learners. For my kiddos it worked best to have teams all working through their chosen question at the same time. They then had to cue me that they were ready to give the answer. I would check and let them know if they were correct. If so they chose which point to erase first, and then shot for points. 

This may seem harsh or unfair, but it did some AMAZING things in my classroom! One team in particular was being targeted and had all of their points erased. Instead of stepping in I watched in anticipation. Another team approached me and asked if we could give that team a point. I explained that the point had to come from somewhere. 

They conferred a bit more and returned... 🙌!! They asked me if they could erase one of their own points and give it to the team that had none! I am beyond impressed with this caring group of children. Needless to say I said of course and the game continued in this most encouraging manner. 

The game was a success. My students loved it and asked if we could play again tomorrow. I am still making tweaks to the game and am planning on placing this on TPT. That being said I would love feedback and critique on my product as I finish it before putting it on TPT. If you would be interested, PLEASE comment below and I will send you a copy of my product for review. In return I will let you have the finalized product for FREE!! 

To close out today I want to leave with you some images of my kids playing Mathket-ball! Enjoy your last few weeks of school.

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