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How to Tame the Over Active

I claim myself to be a little ADD whether medically diagnosed or not.  I love to move and find myself having a difficult time keeping focus when it is required for extensive periods of time.  I feel that God has allowed this avenue to give me a greater understanding of the students He choses to give me from year to year.  

I have found that embracing students talkative nature and their need for movement helps the entire dynamic of the classroom. Often, when I see that I am losing the attention of my students I begin the unexpected.  
It doesn't take long for my students to chime in and follow the pattern.  I softly begin speaking to them as I continue the pattern.  Once I have everyone wrapped in what I am doing I freeze.  All eyes are on me.  I then continue with my lesson and have full attention.  

Another of my favorite things to do.....During class discussion or story time I will stop and allow talking. I don't just say talk I use a little poem I created to guide their talking.
Look, Look, Look
remember what you see
turn to a neighbor and tell them 3
Then I sit calmly and chime into several conversations so they know I am listening.  After a short time I start counting down from 5.  Once I hit zero, all students have already turned around ready to begin discussion again.  This gives them an opportunity to constructively talk and not be required to sit still and quiet.  They love it and it has worked wonders in my classroom.

Hope you found some tips and tricks you like. Feel free to comment and tell about your own tips and tricks.
*God Bless*

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