Monday, June 5, 2017

Camp Google

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone. 

A while back an email was sent out in our RESA district for presentation proposals in regards to Google Apps. I thought about it...for a moment...then decided WHY NOT! I looked at how Google has been used in my classroom and quickly decided that I definitely had some ideas that were worth sharing. I submitted my proposal, and to my SURPRISE...and yes I was surprised...I was selected. 

My presentation focused on the use of Google slides in the elementary classroom. One activity was academic based, the other focused on build classroom community. I titled my presentation "Picture This", because both activities used classroom snapshots that were either taken by me or my students. 

I was very nervous stepping into today, but it exceeded my expectations. I had a BLAST presenting and listening to other teachers as they shared about their endeavors. So thankful for the opportunity and looking forward to many more!

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